Limhamns Kalkbrott / Limestone quarry

Adresse: Kalkbrottsgatan , 21611 Limhamn Vis kort

Adresse: Kalkbrottsgatan , 21611 Limhamn

Green spoted toad and Limestone Karst Sing is rare and unusual, these can be found in Limhamns kalkbrott / limestone quarry and a unique environment.

1994 they stopped breaking lime here and since 2011 is Limhamns limestone quarry a municipal nature reserve. Approximately once a month, guided tour offers to the public. Twice a year, one in spring and one in autumn, arranged kalkbrottsdagen / Lime quarry day with several guided tours.
Guided tours can also be offered to groups and organizations at other times. See website for contact and price information.
Limhamns limestone quarry offers a unique nature there are over 1400 different plant and animal species, some unique to the Limestone quarry.
Closed to the public except for the guided tours.

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