Spices from Rosengård / Kryddor från Rosengård

Adresse: Fröhlich väg 1, 213 68 Malmö Vis kort

Adresse: Fröhlich väg 1, 213 68 Malmö

How is the fruit ashta taste? Join us for a hike in Rosengård where food ambassadors of Spices from Rosengård giving their best sampels from Rosengård.

During the fall, winter and early spring offers the tour "Rosengången" during the walk you may discover small shops, oriental fruits, foods and spices. Take part in the history of the neighborhood, and see future possibilities. Rosengången takes about 2.5 hours and taste samples are included.
During spring 2014, the tour take place on Sundays and starts from Citygross in Rosengård.

From May offers a three-hour glorious "Kryddvandring" in Rosengård. You get a taste of fresh herbs and spices and browse in the allotment area. You are guided by a food ambassador who shows us the best from their neighborhood. The walk offers taste samples of food, beverages and spices

The tours can also be booked for groups at other times

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