Börringe church

Adresse: Börringe kyrkväg, 233 91 Svedala Vis kort

Adresse: Börringe kyrkväg, 233 91 Svedala

The church was originally named Gustav's church after the merged parish, named Gustav's parish until 1931. It replaced the old churches in Lemmeströ and Börringe, now ruins.

Börringe church in Börringe village. It belongs to Svedala parish in the diocese of Lund.

The church was built in neoclassical style 1783-87 of the Privy Council Joakim Beck-Friis, holders of Börringe monastery. The church building was designed by Olof Tempelman who was professor at the Academy in Stockholm. For heirloom hear the altarpiece is a copy of it in the Kungsholmen Church in Stockholm. The so-called silver organ was built by Jonas Ekegren in 1786. The church has a west tower with hood roof and a sacristy. In the porch are watches from Lemmeströ and Northern Börringe old churches. The cemetery is one of the most beautiful in the neighborhood.

The sculpted pulpit is from the Church of conduct.
The baptismal font is made ​​of sandstone and was manufactured in 1891.
The organ is contemporary with the church and was built in 1786 by the in Stockholm verksamme organ builder Jonas Ekengren. During repairs in 1894 and 1953, certain changes in the work's tonal and technical structure made. In 2010 the instrument was restored and is back in operation.

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