Adresse: Kvarnbrodda 1191, 247 96 Veberöd Vis kort

Adresse: Kvarnbrodda 1191, 247 96 Veberöd

RomeleKro is placed by the golf course of Romeleåsen and offers lunch and a la carte.

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Bed & breakfast

Trollskogens Gästhus - a cosy B & B in Scania

Afstand: 11,9 km
Trollskogens Gästhus lies on the outskirts of the scanian village of Torna Hällestad right where Trollskogen begins (about 10km from Lund and 20km from Malmö). Trollskogens Gästhus is part of a traditional skanian farm with thatched roof and cobblestone courtyard, surrounded by rolling fields and several nature reserves.

Backhaga Stay on a Horsefarm

Afstand: 8,9 km
Backhaga is situated in a beautiful area with undulating fields and hardwood forests near the 16th century castle of Svaneholm. Here you can enjoy various activities such as bird watching, golf, fishing, swimming, photography or horse back riding.
Bed & breakfast

Trolleberg Bed&Breakfast

Afstand: 2,2 km
Welcome to a relaxing stay at Trolleberg Bed and Breakfst that is located at the top of Romeleåsen only minutes away from Romeleåsens golf Club.