Tunnbrödsgården i Aggarp

Adresse: Aggarpsvägen 22, 233 93 Svedala Vis kort

Adresse: Aggarpsvägen 22, 233 93 Svedala


Bake bread in stone oven in the traditional way.

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Afstand: 14,7 km
WE ARE ALL GUESTS AT ÄNGAVALLEN. THE COUNTRYSIDE IS OUR HOST AND WE ARE YOUR´S. Great food in lovely rural surroundings. Culinary & organic.

Wellingehus Hotell

Afstand: 14,1 km

Backhaga Stay on a Horsefarm

Afstand: 14,4 km
Backhaga is situated in a beautiful area with undulating fields and hardwood forests near the 16th century castle of Svaneholm. Here you can enjoy various activities such as bird watching, golf, fishing, swimming, photography or horse back riding.