Adresse: Landsvägen 192, 26013 S:t Ibb Vis kort

Adresse: Landsvägen 192, 26013 S:t Ibb

They sell products made from durum wheat: flour, bread, almonds biscuits etc.

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Mötesplats Borstahusen

Afstand: 7 km
Mötesplats Borstahusen is located in the north-western parts of Landskrona with beautiful sea views. Find most of what you would need within walking distance, from swimming and shopping to sports activities. The campsite is situated in a scenic area close to forest, sea, hills and the Skåne soil.


Afstand: 9,6 km
Our closest neighbours are the open fields and the beach. A ten minutes drive south of Helsingborg, the Sundsgården conference centre sits in an ideal location which we’d like you to enjoy with us! Sundsgården offers pleasant conference rooms, delicious food and comfortable guest rooms.
Bed & breakfast


Afstand: 7,9 km
Rydebäckstorpet is a farm just outside Rydebäck. There are no animals on the farm, except for a cat. Walking distance to bus and train connections and the closest grocery store is only 1 km away. The farm is situated by the cycle path which runs between Landskrona and Helsingborg.