The Degeberga Trail

Adresse: Forsakarsvägen 30A, 297 32 Degeberga Vis kort

Adresse: Forsakarsvägen 30A, 297 32 Degeberga

We’ll follow the winding brook through the open moor landscape at the Degeberga Backar Hills, enjoying the view from the rolling hills. The hike continues into the beech woods at the edge of the ravine, with the Forsakarbäcken Brook’s winding waters below.

The Forsakar Nature Reserve has, with its deep, magical ravine and high waterfalls, always been a source of inspiration for stories and legends, and is said to be home to pixies, the Neck, and the Wood Nymph. We’ll experience two completely different types of nature in one and the same hike.

Distance: 5,5 km
Duration: 1 h

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